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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Galveston Area Kayak Anglers Find a Home at LSKS

In the fall of 2011, Dustin Koreba had a dream to create a home specific to competitive kayak anglers in the Galveston area.  With every creative dreamer, comes the need for an organized, "Git 'er Done" follow through.  Lucky for Dustin--- he just happened to be married to Wendy, and she handles the finite details like a BOSS!

See a need; fill a need.  That's exactly what these two have been doing.  After fishing in tournaments over the years, Dustin realized that boat-powered tournaments with kayak divisions only on the side were not going to cut it any longer.   The sport of kayak angling was growing at a quick rate.  The Korebas understood that the Galveston area needed  a tournament dedicated solely to these competitive paddlers and peddlers.  A different need for a different breed.

And so it was that they birthed a new Koreba baby with the Lone Star Kayak Series.  The late nights sacrificed, the specialists consulted, the learning curve implemented, the new supplies needed ----  the website was up and running by December of 2011.  The first event (ready or not) launched with 61 anglers on April 21, 2012.  

It takes a village to raise a child, and so it goes with angling tournaments as well.  Clint and Cameron Barghi stepped up to man the scales while Sonny Mills mastered the hell out of that web.  In today's mentality of "pics or it didn't happen",  Jeff Herman showed up with his cameras to record the history of grips and grins while this baby grew at an alarming rate.  From 61 anglers in 2012 to 176 anglers at the April 2015 event, LSKS has recently outgrown its birthplace at Louis Bait Camp and will now be relocating to the Lazy Lizard Cantina in Sunny San Leon, TX this Saturday (June 6, 2015).  

Dustin and Wendy attribute the outstanding evolution of this grass roots tournament not only to amazingly generous sponsors and volunteers like Russell Bradley, Roy Perry, Mark Miller, and the Bairds, but mostly to the anglers themselves.  Never before have they witnessed a tournament where the "anglers have advertised more than the tournament.  The word of mouth and social media activity with the anglers have really had an impact on the growth of the series."  The Korebas didn't falter at the overwhelming response and quickly acquired a second scale, a new CPU, additional weigh bags, a bigger awning, and are even running side-by-sides to taxi incoming anglers.  LSKS is not only a place for those who compete; it's an experience that encourages sponsors to come and foster the symbiotic, interdependent relationship between industry and kayak anglers.

"I created this series for the kayak angler.  If y'all keep coming, we will keep hosting," exclaims  Koreba.  

Don't worry, Dustin.  The Korebas built it, and we will come.  Coastie Culture will be there- Crystal, volunteering at the check-in table and Tony, on his Wilderness Ride 135, looking for them redfish.

On behalf of all Galveston Area kayak anglers, thank you for building us a home at the Lone Star Kayak Series.  An even bigger thanks on behalf of angling conservationists for your efforts to keep those gorgeous reds alive and breeding.

*For more information on upcoming events, visit the LSKS home page

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