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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Big Money Red Tourney

Me, Eric, Cody

Galveston Urban Ministries (  hosted their First Annual Big Money Red Tourney a few months ago and it ended up being my first tournament too.

My #1 homie, Eric, and his brother, Michael, drove all the way down from Denton, Texas to represent and fish in the tournament. 

The tournament was supposed to start at 5 pm on a Friday, but we got there a few hours early to stake claim to our spot on the Galveston Fishing Pier.   I was pretty crunk when the tournament started because I was the first one to catch a red.  Unfortunately, it was only about 34" and I knew that wouldn't be big enough to place in the end.  So--- Fish on.  Most of the catches came that night.  It was cold and windy, but we tried to stay warm with a little help from a handle of Jim Beam and some of the best Habanero Beef Jerky from Mean E's Meats. (getcha some ---> )
Those two things kept us awake for 3 days straight with a few naps in between, but sleeping on the pier isn't that comfortable.  Even though we went most of the day Saturday and Sunday without catching much we couldn't complain because this was our view:

Eric ended up catching his first red at this tournament.  It was a good looking fish, but it wasn't enough to place either.  My buddy, John Stapleton showed up to fish the tournament and pulled a red in that made it on the board. My buddy, Cody Ryden (pictured above) did not fish the tournament, but he was there with a friend a few hours before the tournament started.  I actually think he is the one that caught all the reds, and I blame him for our slow weekend.    In hindsight, we probably should have gotten  a spot at the end of the pier because the guys set up down there were pulling in most of the reds.  If I'm not mistaken, that's where the tourney winners were set up.  
Eric's first red

1st catch (34 in.)

2nd catch (36 1/2 in)
Even though we didn't place--- it was a great experience.  This shout out goes to Eric Murphey for driving 5 hours to sleep on a wooden pier in the cold, and Michael Murphey from Mean E's Meats--- thanks for sponsoring us, bro.

Y'all go check out Galveston Urban Ministries to see how you can give back to underprivileged youth on the island.

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