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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wintertime blues

           To some, the winter fishing brings out a chance to catch a monster, wall-mount trout, to others a shivering day with nothing to catch but a cheeseburger on the way home.
            I myself have not done well at all fishing in the crisp air of winter, but it's definitely growing on me.  When dressed with just the right amount of layers to protect you from being too cold, it can feel great out on the water. The water, gin-clear, air so crisp, on a calm day with no wind and no one around... it almost has the feel of a remote chilly paradise. Watching a pelican glide effortlessly, for miles just one inch above the water, from the kayak I paddle along into the quietness listening for clues of nearby fish. Waiting for a mullet to jump,  to show some signs of life underneath the clear water. Birds diving into the water off in a distance, liar birds just bombing the water looking for life as I am,  or are they giving clues as to bait in the area with bigger fish possibly lurking near by causing the chain event from the depth underneath? 
             Most bait is gone, no more plankton, shrimp are scarce, mullet few and far between. The winter hunter knows patience and will find them. Presentation is extremely important during this cold time.  Fish move more slowly during the winter, so your lure must move to the pace of their liking . Water is much clearer, so (in my opinion) you need a natural looking bait as the fish can more easily sense that something is off with your multi-colored, laser-shooting lure. Keep it simple, natural, and work it slow. Some, on a real bad day, will use dead shrimp as the drum both red and black will have a bite if they cross paths with it . Trout like deeper pockets with mud bottoms near shell and typically won't go for cut bait. They prefer them alive or a good lure will fool them into a strike.  Flounder can still be caught often in the winter as well.They rest on the sandy bottoms and love mullet, live or dead. Working these baits slowly by a hidden flounder in the sand can cause for a tricky strike in which one has to know when to set the hook to capture a delicious flounder.  I'm pretty much referring to the bays, and marshes . Winter fishing on the surf can be fun and rewarding too. Ever caught a Jack Crevalle? No, me neither . But many have, and they are as tough as nails and will fight the whole entire time they are hooked on your line. Thrashing and pulling, working the waters forcing you to be on your A- game and have appropriate tackle. Bull reds and monster black drum will cruise the winter surf looking for bait and if they come across yours, buckle up and hold on. Strength and a large size make these beauties a super fun catch . I recently asked fellow TKF's ( Texas Kayak Fisherman) what they thought of when it comes to winter fishing. Theses are a few of their replies .

Kosmo10 " I think of our skunk streak,and how I kept it alive this morning  in Kemah lol. But I didn't get a ticket time do the glass is half full!" 

He is one of my fishing buddies, and he was referring to the not too good luck we've had this winter.

Yakrazy  " First thing I think of is gin clear water......beautiful, but an annoying sight"

Slayer21  " Corkies and big trout! My favorite time to fish!"

 Lurejunkee   " Nice long cold wades, scanning the water looking and listening" 

Some don't even fish during the cold months; for others, it's prime time. For me, as I'm still new to kayaking and winter fishing, it is a pleasurable challenge. Even when I'm not reeling them in, I always enjoy casting the coast anytime of the year!

Those of you following my blog, I appreciate it and you will learn my journey one splash at a time! 

Shout out to my Kayak Wars team !!!
Cody, Justin, Raul, and James! 
See ya soon
I'll be going Monday, and I plan on fishing till I catch my first fish on a kayak !

Winter blues ......


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