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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My first yak fish!!!!!!

It's not the biggest not the baddest, but after a struggling long winter, I finally reeled in a fish...

Left the house around 7:30 am on Monday, March 25th. It was cloudy and the wind was Karate Kid part 4 early on. We headed to Seabrook Flats and looked around then drove to the Pine Gully Pier and I showed it to my buddy, Cody, who had never seen or heard of it. We chatted it up and moved around, decided to launch near the Kemah bridge and launched next to Outriggers. At this point the wind had died down, and we were off. We went left at the bridge and were fishing next to the Kemah Boardwalk. I decided to resort to some old habits and was using dead shrimp on one setup and throwing a Paul Brown Pink corky with the other.  I posted up in one spot for a good 30 -45 minutes while Cody was mobbing all around.  I sure miss shrimp! Majority of the time- I always feel bites, crabs, something with shrimp . After about 15 minutes, I got a hard hit and was pumped.  Nothing was there.  Grrrrrr.  Few minutes later - FISH ON!  I yelled to Cody, but he could not hear me.    After about 45 seconds, I had my first kayak fish.  A WHOPPING (wait for it.......) piggy perch!!!  And, to top it off, it was foul hooked in the stomach!!!! Oh well. Skunk over regardless.  We headed back toward Clear Lake. Cody was consistent in wanting to fish some marsh, so we decided to change location. We paddled back to Outriggers, tied up to the dock and ran in for some lunch.  Good food and enjoyed my first trip to a restaurant via kayak.  When we were done, we headed to Galveston and fished some marsh off 45. ( Exit 7 ish) Once again, on shrimp, I caught a black drum!!! 16" of fish, and I was pumped!! About thirty minutes later, I managed to pull up a feisty blue crab. The wind started to pick up, and we called it a day after a couple of hours. I'll continue to throw lures and hope for a more fish-filled blog in the very near future. Had a blast !!!!



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